Switching to Charlotte Mason from Unit Studies

By Simply Charlotte Mason on 2 October 2018

The following content comes from Simply Charlotte Mason.  Click here to view the original content in full.

Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason discusses three tendencies many people have when switching from unit study to Charlotte Mason:

  1. Tends to connect the dot for the child rather than letting the child figure it out
  2. May feel like learning didn't happen if no hands-on project was completed
  3. Worry the child will get confused with variety of subjects covered and no common theme

She then goes on to offer a few tips for dealing with these tendencies:

  1. Create a timeline "book of centuries" and add events to it as you cover them.
  2. Trust the method, especially narration.
  3. Provide resources for hands-on projects that they can do on their own time as opposed to feeling it needs to be integrated into the lesson.

To read more detail on this topic, visit the full content by following the link above.

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Simply Charlotte Mason was started by two homeschooling families with eight children and over four decades of using Charlotte Mason.  They offer regular articles as well as a curriculum and planning tool.

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