Student Wishes Wishes Money 101 Were a Required College Class

By Susan Beacham on 24 July 2019

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College student Allison Beacham writes an article for USA Today College's contributor network where she talks about how college students would benefit greatly by some sort of Money 101 class.  How to handle finances, she states, is sadly lacking in formal education both during high school years as well as in college.

So even though money management is a key part of every adult’s life, personal finance wasn’t part of my formal education. (I did, however, have to take two geology courses.) Lucky for me, I grew up in a household where being money savvy was a family rule and not some afterthought...

She tells stories of how any of her friends' financial lives blew up because they had no idea how to manage expenses, write checks, open and manage credit cards, etc.  To read the full article, follow the link above.

What can we take away from this?  Perhaps money management should be an integral part of our children's homeschooling experience.

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