Scott Hambrick on Pedagogy vs. Learning Part 1

By The School Sucks Podcast on 9 July 2019

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Scott Hambrick returns to begin a multi-part discussion on learning, as he aspires to be a better Starting Strength coach and a more effective interlocutor at Online Great Books. We begin our discussion with an exploration of the common learning theories practiced in public school and higher education, along with a cost/benefit analysis of each: behaviorism, cognitivism, and (social) constructivism. We also touch on connectivism and mindset theory.

In future conversation(s) we'll cover additional behaviors and practices that can greatly enhance both the learning and thing processes, including The 20-Hour Rule, the Six Thinking Hats, the Trivium Method, attributes of self-directed learning and strategies for critical thinking in everyday life. Also, Online Great Books enrollment is open for the next 5 days! Please follow the link below to learn more.

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