Check the Fridge! – Math Game

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Check the Fridge! – Math Game

By Melon Rind

What’s in your fridge? Players search for food cards to create "Sets of 25". Need radishes, eggplant, or peas? Ask the group. All players offer you cards. Be clever in selecting offers. If you get the Smelly Cheese card you’ll end up losing points! Successfully keep a poker face to get rid of the cheese. Kids master different ways to add to 25 while strategizing who can be trusted. Easy to learn, hilarious to play. 48 colorful cards and illustrated rules. 3-6 Players, Ages 8+

  • Players add, strategize and bluff their way through this hilarious game!
  • Family-friendly, laugh out loud card game
  • Fun and clever way to master math skills
  • 48 colorful cards and illustrated rules
  • Playing time: 15 minutes, Ages 8+

Appropriate Ages: 7 to 17

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