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Book Series That’ll Get your 8-12 Year Olds Reading

Vanessa Wright shares 10 book series that really got her 8-12 year-old kids reading: Diary of a Wimpy Kid Treasure…

Dealing with Being Worn Down on the Everyday-ness of Homeschooling

In this article/podcast, Sonya Shafer discusses how nobody prepares you for the difficulties of dealing with the “everyday-ness” of homeschooling…

Decorating for Ramadan

In this video, a mother shares an activity for decorating for Ramadan.

How to Make Your Kids Grumble Less About Writing

In this post, Kris Bales offers suggestions on how to make your kids want to write (or at least grumble…

Online Help for Teaching High School Math

In this article, Leah Courtney busts the myth that you can’t homeschool high school because you can’t teach high school….

Shawna Wingert on When Motherhood Doesn’t Go As Planned

In this audio clip, Shawna Wingert speaks to a group of young mothers about “Fear and Faith as a Mom”…

Pearl of Wisdom: Motherhood is About Learning on the Job

In this motivating article, Shawna Wingert discusses the challenges she often faces where she feels like she’s failing her children. …

Day in the Life: Camille, Mother of Three

In this post, read about a day in the life of homeschooling mother Camille.  She talks about rest, planning, and…

A Day In The Life of A Special Needs Marriage

In this article, Shawna Wingert tells about a day in the life as a married couple with special needs children….

Sandra Sosa on Folk Dancing and Making Dance a Part of Education

Today’s interview with Sandra Sosa explores some of the enormous range of possibilities that open up to us when we…

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