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Unit Study Idea for Ancient Roman History

  Not only is this a review of the materials we used for our Ancient Roman History main lesson block,…

James and Taylor Davis – A New Take On Peaceful Parenting

Practical Tips for Nature Study

In this post, Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason offers some practical examples of how nature study could actually happen…

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Pennsylvania Cracking Down on Legal Compliance

HSLDA reports superintendents across Pennsylvania are devoting more time to investigating homeschool legal compliance.  Requirements can be confusing and they…

Is College the Right Pathway? A Podcast Debate

Purva Brown of The Classical Unschooler links to a podcast discussing the topic of whether or not kids should go…

How to Set Up a Unit Study Table

This unit study area is a place for us to display our books and hands on activities for this unit,…

Answering Your Homeschool Questions on Husbands

Cait joins the 7 Sisters Podcast to take listener questions, mostly centered around husbands in homeschooling.  Click the link above…

Summer Reading for 10 Year-Old, Middle Schooler, and High Schooler

Alicia Hutchinson of the Learning Well Community shares the books she and her children will be working through this summer….

Google to Allow Co-Ops Use of G-Suite

HSLDA reports that Google will soon make its G-Suite available to homeschooling co-ops.  This suite includes GMail, Google Classroom, Google…

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