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Ohio: Mom Charged with Habitual Truancy

HSLDA reports a mother in Ohio was charged with truancy because the local school district had failed to submit her…

How to Turn Fourth of July into a Learning Experience

Cait of My Little Poppies describes how she turned the Fourth of July into a fun day of learning through…

Day In The Life of a Muslim Homeschooling Mom

Online Guitar Lessons from Gentle Guitar

Simple Homeschool’s weekend homeschooling links brings you Gentle Guitar, a provider of online guitar lessons via Skype for children 5-12…

The American Presidency Project

The Creative Learning Connection brings you quotes from the Memorial Day speeches of past American Presidents.  She compiled these from…

Five Tips to Teach Your Kids About Money

[embedded content]

Combining Structured Schooling with Unschooling

An eclectic homeschooler gives a fresh perspective on using Unschooling as a lifestyle while working in structured learning as her…

Simple Art Activities for Your Homeschool

Karen Doll of The Home School Mom writes about some simple art activities for your homeschool.  She first offers some…

Jason Bedrick on Educational Savings Accounts

During our debut launch week at PorcFest 2018 in New Hampshire, I attended a talk by Jason Bedrick, Director of…

Botany Watercolor Activity

Hana of Pepper and Pine gives an example of a watercolor lesson on botany.

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