Pearl of Wisdom: Figure Out Yourself Before Rushing Into Things

By Purva Brown: The Classical Unschooler on 2 October 2018

The following content comes from Purva Brown: The Classical Unschooler.  Click here to view the original content in full.

Purva Brown of the Classical Unschooler offers a pearl of wisdom that's good not just for students but also for homeschooling parents:

You think it’s about finding out the answer, but really, the first step is not about finding the answer, it’s about figuring out the question.

She challenges us to ask ourselves why we homeschool, what we hope to achieve, and what is the unique perspective we each bring to the situation.  By asking ourselves these questions, we can better identify what it is we need to do to ensure a great homeschooling experience for our children.

About the Author

Purva Brown: The Classical Unschooler

Purva Brown writes about her unique approach to homeschooling, a mix of classical and unschooling, and offers advice and reviews for parents.  She has experienced homeschooling from both the secular and the Christian worlds so has an appreciation for both.

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