Lazy Girls’ Guide to Homeschooling – Six Years Later

By Simple Homeschool on 2 July 2019

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Kari Patterson reflects on her six years of experience unschooling her children in her post, "The lazy girls' guide to home education update: six years later."

I knew in order for them to own their education I would need to let them drive it. I knew that educating my children wasn’t about me transferring some body of knowledge from my brain to theirs. It’s virtually impossible to actually retain information you care nothing for, information you think you don’t need.

Specifically, she offers three pieces of advice - none of which were easy for her - that she has felt were the keys for her success as a homeschooling mother so far:

  • Give access - "Half the battle of education is making excellent educational resources accessible to them and giving space to let them have free reign."
  • Create order - "How many eager educational moments have been frustrated by not knowing where something is, or having so much other housework to do that learning constantly takes a back seat?"
  • Allow boredom - "From the youngest age, our children were never permitted to use 'the b word.'

To read her full post, follow the link above.

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