Idaho Mother Investigated by CPS for Educational Neglect

By HSLDA on 5 November 2018

The following content comes from HSLDA.  Click here to view the original content in full.

A mother in Idaho recently faced investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS) after someone sent in an anonymous tip alleging the homeschooling mother of educational neglect.  The HSLDA successfully resolved the situation and offered the following explanation as to what should have occurred had CPS correctly followed internal policy:

...if the person who called in the report did not provide credible sufficient, detailed information that would lead one to reasonably conclude that there was educational neglect, it should have been recorded as “information only” and closed without any investigation of the family at all. If the CPS investigator had been trained on this policy, the mom would never have gone through this experience.

Having a run-in with CPS is no joke.  To read more on this story, follow the link above.

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