How and Why to Give Homeschooled Siblings Breaks from Each Other

By The Home School Mom on 15 July 2019

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In this insightful post, Vanessa Wright talks about the reasons why her kids need breaks from each other and how she accomplishes providing this for them.  She starts by talking about how homeschooling, by its nature, results in siblings spending a lot of time together.  Although this is largely good, sometimes they simply need time apart, at no fault anybody.

Kids are different. Personalities are different. Homeschooling for me doesn’t look like homeschooling for you. Also, my kids aren’t perfect. Newsflash, neither is their mama.

In the post, she discusses in greater detail how she actually gives them each the individual time they need while still fostering important bonds between everybody in the family.  To read the full post, follow the link above.

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