Missouri School District Called its Online Program a Homeschool Program

By HSLDA on 1 May 2019

The following content comes from HSLDA.  Click here to view the original content in full.

Scott Woodruff of the HSLDA reports that a Missouri-based school district has been calling an online program a homeschool program even though it is offered through the public school system.  The district has since agreed to change this, but it had been confusing to homeschooling families.

What would you think of a program that promotes itself as a “Homeschool Program,” a “Homeschool Academy,” and a “Homeschool learning environment”? If you guessed it’s a homeschool program, in this instance you would be wrong. This is an online, public school program offered by Mehlville School District (MSD).

The report goes on to offer several pieces of evidence that online programs offered through the public education system are sub-par, even when compared to public education.  To read the full report, follow the link above.

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