Dealing with Being Worn Down on the Everyday-ness of Homeschooling

By Simply Charlotte Mason on 14 May 2019

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In this article/podcast, Sonya Shafer discusses how nobody prepares you for the difficulties of dealing with the "everyday-ness" of homeschooling and how much it can wear on you.

Have you ever noticed that often it’s not the academics that wear us down but the life issues in our homes? I’m not saying that planning, preparing, and overseeing lessons every day is a cake walk. But it seems like those things would be so much easier if we weren’t also dealing with the bickering and the messiness or the dawdling and daydreaming.

She offers words of encouragement and reminds homeschooling parents to always be adding the word "yet" to the end of sentences when talking about things that haven't been accomplished.  She also reminds us that Charlotte Mason taught that developing good habits of character, developing the whole person, was just as important as any academics.  Click above to read the full article, or listent to it here:

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