Dealing with a Dawdler

By Psycho with 6 on 16 July 2019

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Christian psychologist turned mother of six discusses how to deal with a child who drags out their school work all day long:

  1. Use motivators
  2. Cut down their work
  3. Have them evaluated
  4. Give them formal class periods
  5. Provide one-on-one tutoring

To read the details she offers in each of these categories, follow the link above.

About the Author

Psycho with 6

This resource contains both a blog (Psycho with 6) and a podcast (Homeschool Sanity) that airs every Tuesday.  The following is a description from her website:

I was a reluctant homeschooler. I believed God wanted me to educate my children at home, but I didn’t see how I could fulfill the additional calling to write and speak. I finally decided to leave it to Him to work it all out. He did.

I gave up my career to homeschool and have never been more fulfilled.

People told me I was wasting my education, but of course that wasn’t true. Education is never wasted, Even if that were possible, my children are well worth the sacrifice. Our family enjoys closer relationships, a simpler lifestyle, and a stronger faith because we homeschool. And the education has been superior to that my husband and I experienced in public and private schools.

But don’t think that homeschooling was easy for me. Far from it! I was so disorganized when I started that I was ready to give up and call it quits after having three kids. But then I found FLYLady and everything changed. I started developing the habits and routines I needed to have a saner homeschooling life. Then I started sharing them with others on this blog, in So You’re Not Wonder Woman, and in The Organized Homeschool Life. I even got organized enough to write my own elementary language arts curriculum, Grammar Galaxy.

Besides the fact that I’m not naturally organized, you should know that I’m married to a handsome library book salesman, that our little dog is a Coton de Tulear, and that I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t drink coffee.

When I’m not teaching my children or friends’ children in our homeschool co-op, I love to encourage homeschoolers, mothers, and Christian women with my writing, podcast, and live video. I stay sane by making time for tennis, scrapbooking, and relaxing with my friends and family.

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