Day in the Life with Samantha, Mother of 4

By Learning Well Community on 2 November 2018

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Sam, a "go with the flow" homeschooling mother of children aged 9, 7, 4, and 1 shares what a day in the life is like for her.  After breakfast, her days start with reading from the Bible.  Specifically, she uses a full text version that is easily understood and readable format.  They also read aloud with stories such as Pinocchio, Where the Fern Grows, etc.  This, she says, draws them closer together as a family, ignites the imagination, and teaches character and life lessons.  She then has them draw pictures of their favorite scenes.

After reading and drawing, they move onto coding and math, a subject that her boys have recently taken an interest in.  Some of the free coding resources they use are and  For math she used to use Singapore and now uses mostly  She has noticed a huge improvement in just two months!

Sam is a Type B person who rarely has a plan, and confesses that some of their lessons happen on the fly.  Often times ideas just pop in her head or a new interest sparks in one of her children that she just runs with.  She'll often use games as part of their educational process, too.

Finally, the offers the following advice to other:

To the mama considering homeschooling or just starting off, you can do it. Don’t dwell on how ill prepared you feel, how scared you are, or how to answer your neighbor when they ask about socialization. Instead, remind yourself who knows your children best and who will always have their best interest at heart.

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