Day in the Life: Cynthia, Mother of 1, Carer of 5

By Learning Well Community on 17 May 2019

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Cynthia writes about her experience as a homeschooling mother.

I’m Cynthia. We aren’t your regular homeschool family at all. I only have one son but I take care of all 4 of my nieces and nephews. I also homeschool my two nieces and do the whole public school car line thing for my nephew. And my baby nephew who is 1 keeps us busy all day. We garden, skateboard around our neighborhood, jump in our van and go from robotics to music to car lines and back to make dinner most days. Squeeze in school and then I squeeze in some photography. We laugh a lot and all the kids think I’m crazy. It’s probably true.

Specifically, she goes into the following topics:

  • Starting the day
  • Nature journaling
  • Schooling during naptime
  • Finishing the day

To read her full story, follow the link above.

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