Challenging the Question: What Grade Are You In?

By Halo by Sue on 17 July 2019

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In this article, Sue Laprise challenges the concept of sorting children into grades.  Not only is this done in the public school system, for obvious reasons, but also in homeschool groups where it isn't even necessary.

Should children be sorted by ages? This isn’t just how government schools decide kids should be placed neatly by born on date but churches and ironically even homeschool co-ops. How old are you? Eight? Okay you are assigned to group three.

Adults, on the other hand, organize themselves based on interest and ability.  If this works for adults, why shouldn't it work for children?  Instead, children are often forced into groups they really shouldn't belong because they're either too advanced or too far behind the other kids.  This can lead to a poor learning environment at best or terrible bullying at worst.

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