Who We Are

Aaron McKeon

From the moment my firstborn arrived, I knew my children's education was too important to not have direct involvement.  Only a day old and the decision to someday homeschool was an easy one.  Little did I know how overwhelming the options could be.  Where to start.  What curricula to pick.  How to meet people.  Wait, there's more than one philosophy?  The web was chock full of resources but nothing to really tie it together -- no online village.  This is where the idea to create Be.Education was hatched.  I decided to create the online community I wished for from the beginning.  The data collected wouldn't be used to sell advertising, but to provide more intelligent feedback to the users themselves.

I've spent 14 years in Corporate America, but I want to make my children's education my new occupation and become a meaningful part of the homeschooling community.  Tell me how I can help you.  This website today is just the beginning.  Together, we can build something amazing.  Together, we can break the barriers holding people back from becoming their own home-grown system of education.

Kristi McKeon

When in the public school system, I struggled to thrive on the one-size-fits-all learning philosophy.  My grades were great but I wasn't really enjoying my education or holding information longer than needed to ace the tests.  Teachers tried to put me on medication for my lack of ability to sit still at a desk staring at textbooks.  While other children fit, I lost all interest in my education, conformed, and went through the motions until I graduated.  Once I was set free in the real world is when my real education began, and I thrived.

Before my children were born I knew I wanted to cater to their individual learning styles.  However, as soon as I started expressing my commitment to homeschool, I was drilled with questions.  How will they be socialized?  You're just a high school graduate - do you really qualify to educate children past the age of 7?  How will they get into a good college without formal education?  I had to really dig to find the answers: groups in different social media outlets, scattered blogs and articles across endless websites, and local communities after exhaustive searching.

I've talked to single parents, high school drop outs, full time traveling families, families in the middle of nowhere, and parents with PhD's in established homeschooling communities.  Many are distraught and can't find comfort in their ability to homeschool.  I knew there needed to be a place where anyone interested could find community, information, and resources all in one place.

And so the idea of Be.Education was born.  I hope that together we can encourage and assist each other in being the change we all want for the ones we love.