Our Mission

Be.Education enables parents to provide home-grown educational alternatives to their children by connecting them to like-minded individuals and by harnessing the power of collective experience.

Warm and Welcoming Environment

Considering straying from the mainstream is intimidating.  Be.Education connects beginners or would-be beginners with experienced homeschoolers who share similar philosophies towards education.  It's a safe, closed community by homeschoolers for homeschoolers, hidden from the prying eyes of Facebook and the judgment of others.

It's All About the Connections

Be.Education connects reviews to specific children and specific parents.  This means material can be filtered and sorted based on the collective experience of others so you see items more likely to work given your personal philosophy and your child's individual learning style.  Intelligent search tools like this currently do not exist for homeschoolers.

Resources at Your Fingertips

Easily find blogs, podcasts, products, curricula, and items up for sale or trade.  Read the stories and experiences of other members of the Be.Education Community, and find daily digests of homeschooling content from across the web.  Need help in a particular subject?  Reach out to other parents who are skilled in that area and willing to connect.

Tools for Managing Your Homeschool

Create classes, organize materials, and keep track of student progress.  View local legal requirements and produce printable transcripts usable for compliance as well as applying to colleges and universities.