7 Fears Stopping You From Traveling with Children

By Wanderschool on 2 July 2019

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Julie writes about the 7 most common fears stopping parents from traveling with their children:

  1. Money.
  2. They are too young to travel.
  3. I can't take them out of school.
  4. I don't have the patience.
  5. I have to work.
  6. Family doesn't support the decision.
  7. It's not the right time.

She goes into detail with each of these reasons and encourages her readers to look past these fears.  To read more, follow the link above.

About the Author


We’re a wandering homeschool family.  Although we have a fixed address, we spend much of our time traveling and on the road. Perhaps it’s wanderlust that leads us to our adventures.  Perhaps it’s our desire to educate our children wholistically, in a way that reminds them that everything and everyone is connected, that compels us to wander. Maybe it’s just that we see travel as an opportunity for our children to become truly self-reliant, culturally aware, worldly learners and thinkers who might just contribute a bit of goodness to others and the world after they’ve left our nest. We appreciate how travel naturally reminds our children that they are ultimately in charge of their own education, that learning opportunities are endless, and that there are intrinsic rewards to stepping beyond the comfort zone.

“Children learn what they live. Put kids in a class and they will live out their lives in an invisible cage, isolated from their chance at community; interrupt kids with bells and horns all the time and they will learn that nothing is important or worth finishing; ridicule them and they will retreat from human association; shame them and they will find a hundred ways to get even. The habits taught in large-scale organizations are deadly.” – John Taylor Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down

The world is our classroom.   We have chosen to educate our children outside of the invisible cage of a school classroom.  After all, children do learn what they live.  Learning isn’t seasonal in our family.  It doesn’t stop at 180 school calendar days or after snow days are made up sometime in June.  Learning takes place everyday, 365 days a year.  At any given hour, on any particular day, of any particular month you might just happen to find us on one of our wander school adventures. We look forward to having you wander with us.

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